Recap - Episode 2: Ship Happens - The Sins of Gods

Episode 2: Ship Happens


The Prophet Eris’s words haunted the party as they traveled back to Bassuer.  The dwarf told them that Yelanar was created by the gods. The gods committed 13 atrocities on the continent of Novus.  When they were done, they purged themselves of their evil and banished it to a different plane of existence, which is tied to the locations of their atrocities.  Eventually these sins gained sentience and became Yelanar. Ariella and Ollivier, both faithful servants of the divine, were most shaken by the Prophet’s revelations.  If nothing else, curiosity drove them to seek the truth in the lost continent of Novus. Plus, the Alliance had already provided them with a dope af ship!

Named the Rising Star, the only sea-worthy craft in Oliarth was captained by Karl, the party’s old friend.  The Alliance provided the team with a sum of gold to outfit the ship as they saw fit, but a wily, Goblin thief named Lobbins the Goblin took the gold before it could be secured.

What followed was a wild chase through the crowded streets of Bassuer.  Highlights included a territorial flock of chickens, a bunch of loose logs, and Treant football.  The heroes managed to catch the thief with minimal damage to the citizenry and to their gold reserves.  As punishment, they gang pressed the goblin into joining the crew of their ship.

The party dispersed to do some shopping and to tie up some narrative loose ends.  While they were visiting their tea shop, Lady Vesh and River were approached by a Count Rico Vastro who sought safe passage to Kladisun on the Rising Star.  The two heroes were swayed by his good looks and the amount of money he offered for their services.

The process of outfitting their ship was a convoluted affair.  Suffice it to say, with their vessel readied, their crew hired, and their handsome passenger aboard, the party set sail west to Kladisun and Novus beyond.