Recap - Episode 1: Swamped - The Sins of Gods


The party walked into the palace of Oliarth. They were invited by their old supervisor and former head of the Council of Wind, Joel Habrulee, to meet with the Alliance. The Alliance was an organization composed of kingdoms who stood against the rising aggression of Ragaria. Heads of state from each of the member nations were present in the palace. They revealed to the heroes that Ragaria had recently destroyed all their major ports, and some of the leaders speculated that this was to prevent anyone from Ragaria’s ships as they sought the lost continent of Novus. Based on reports delivered by Alliance spies, Ragaria hoped to find something called Yalenar there. With only a few ocean-worthy ships left, the Alliance wanted to meet the heroes that Habrulee had spoken so highly of to determine their worth. After an interview with each of the heroes, the Alliance found the party acceptable. Their first task was to find out what Yalenar was.

The heroes were sent to a town on the boarder of Selas and Oliarth, to consult a dwarven prophet named Eris Bright. They found him in a tavern called Blue’s Brews. Once he was woken from his drunken stupor, Eris was reluctant to help. He didn’t warm to them until they offered to pay for his bar tab. Eris revealed that he’d grown weary of the prophet trade explaining that no one ever valued him for more than his visions and that his gift left him with harrowing nightmares of the future. He said that the only thing that would quiet these night terrors was a chemical sack taken from a myserteous amphibian living in a nearby swamp. If the heroes could procure a sack for him, Eris promised to use his gift for them.

After crushing a band of bullywug, the party was led to the creatures lair by a giant frog they befriended. The ensuing battle was full of slime, mud, and gas clouds. Victory had never been such a filthy affair. Eventually, they left the beast’s lair with three of it's glands. One was given to a crocodile humaniod they encountered in the swamp in exchange for a boat and directions back to the town. A second sack was given to Eris who confessed that it was not a sleep aid but a spice for his favorite dish. Still, he would give them the information on Yalenar.