The Sins of gods

Are flagship show, airing each Sunday at 5:00pm pacific. The story follows 7 individuals who are all brought together through fate or missteps to find themselves on a journey to uncover the strange plot of a mysterious cult. While the synapsis might seem heavy, the story shines with the player characters personalities and the lighthearted style of storytelling. The show mixes elements of live viewer collaboration and unique play mechanics to make for a memorable episodic series.


The Gauntlet

Our monthly show brings our subscribers to the table. Each month a lottery system determines which of our Twitch subscribers get to submit a character sheet for one of our cast to play as in The Gauntlet. Our players then are thrown into a unique arena were they battle an unopened box of WizKid’s Minis.


Quizzes of the coast: D&D Trivia

Quizzes of the Coast: D&D Trivia, is a live, trivia game show, hosted by TPC’s DM Devon Chulick (as seen in Bloomberg Businessweek), Where the viewers are the contestants. This leaderboard style quiz format allows anyone to drop in at any time, no one gets knocked out for a wrong answer, and the highest score at the end of the quiz wins! Everyone watching has the opportunity to win prizes from dice, books, or even cold, hard cash!