We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a channel to change the streaming landscape.

A radically new style of D&D real play streaming that leverages collaboration between the show and the viewer. Total Party Chill focuses on bringing the viewers to the table with immersive out of stream world building, and live chat collaboration during live shows. Known for having a diverse cast and playful attitudes, TPC offers humorous adventures and touches of drama and endearment.


Devon Chulick

Professional Dungeon master, product Manager and head of production for Total Party Chill.


Lana Kohn

Lana is a contemporary artists and model.


Jakob Bernardino

Jakob is a production manager for San Francisco Theater.

Tim Hagney

Tim is a bar designer and miniature effects artist.

Robby Justesen

Robby is a handyman and aspiring game designer.

Jeannine Dillard

Jeannine is a professional chef and women’s activist.

Keith Asada

Keith is an sustainability architect and writer.


Timothy Gaensler-Debs

Timothy is a medieval martial arts fighter and producer.



Our diverse cast and crew are all out of San Francisco. 8 friends who have been playing together for years.



How we started…

The 8 of us have been playing weekly games together for the past 4 years. Occasionally inviting others to join us for our weekly game nights. in 2018 we invited our friend who worked for Twitch, and as the night came to an end, he prompted us to start streaming our adventures on Twitch.

With limited knowledge of the technical requirements for streaming and no professional backgrounds in the industry, we set out to make a show we felt would resonate with viewers .

Total Party Chill was born soon after in a group text thread between us. The following weeks involved road mapping out goals to get us to episode 1. Learning the ins and outs of audio/video, creating graphics, and rolling out our branding and presence, we finally were able to launch.

Now with over 3000 followers and a consistent viewership, we have built an amazing community for our viewers and ourselves. We have been lucky enough to grow Total Party Chill in a way that allows us to create collaborative stories and create an engagement model that strives to bring viewers to the table with us.